International Business Companies

Offshore IBC Service Providers

International business companies are incorporated in the offshore jurisdictions by offshore IBC service providers who are also known as registered agents in the offshore jurisdictions. To qualify as an offshore IBC service provider the government or the body responsible for issuing licenses to offshore service provider must first approve of the individual or office and issue them a license. An agent cannot provide offshore services if they do not possess a license to do so. In the offshore jurisdictions there are many capable and efficient offshore service providers giving great services to clients.

The offshore IBC service providers are the ones responsible for incorporating the International Business Companies in the offshore jurisdictions. In many offshore jurisdiction legislation states that offshore companies must be registered by offshore services providers or else the Registrar of Companies will not issue the company with a Certificate of Incorporation. An offshore IBC service provider has the responsibility of filing all the documents which are required for the registration of an international business corporation. The main documents to be filed with the Registrar of Companies are the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association. Basically the registered agent acts as the link between the offshore business company and the Registrar of Companies’ office.

After offshore incorporation has been successfully completed the work of the registered agent or offshore IBC service provider is not complete. If for some reason the shareholders of the international business corporation decides to make any changes to the company, for example change a director or shareholder, the registered agent has to inform the Registrar of Companies of the change which has been effected so that this change can be recorded in the company’s register. The office of the registered agent also acts as the registered office of the International business corporation receiving all correspondence which pertains to the offshore company.

When choosing an offshore IBC service provider the offshore client must choose a person who has had a good reputation in the offshore sector. Offshore services providers with high success rates are some of the best in their fields. It is important to choose an offshore service provider who will provide assistance even after an offshore company has been incorporated in case the shareholders or directors need copies of important incorporation documents or need changes done to the structure of the company. Paying up of annual license fees are very important to ensure that the offshore company remains in good standing order. A good offshore IBC service provider will ensure that the owners of the offshore company are informed in advance of the date when fees are due. Most importantly a client should choose a registered agent who acts promptly.

The offshore IBC service providers can be found n all offshore jurisdictions. Hiring offshore IBC providers saves the offshore client time and monies. Once an offshore service provider has been employed there is no need for the client to travel to the jurisdictions for incorporation of a company as the registered agent does all the work and documents are couriered back to the clients.