International Business Companies

International Business Corporation

International Business Corporations are offshore companies which can be used for business around the world. International business corporations are also called IBCs and offshore companies. There are many advantages to owning an offshore business company. International business corporations benefit from tax exemption in which these companies in many instances (depending on the jurisdiction) pay no form of taxes on annual profits. International business companies also benefit from asset protection policies which make up part of offshore company legislation in many of the world’s offshore tax havens.

International business corporations can be registered in the following offshore tax havens or jurisdictions; British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Anguilla, St Kitts, Nevis, Bahamas, Mauritius, Seychelles, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belize, Panama and many other offshore jurisdictions. An international business corporation is easily incorporated and also very easy to maintain. A registration fee must be paid in order for incorporation to be done and at the end of each business year the international business corporations is also responsible for paying an annual license renewal fee.

The international business corporation like any other business company has shareholders and directors the advantage of the offshore company is that the shareholder and director can be the same person and in some instances the same corporation and only one shareholder and one director is need to effect incorporation. This makes the international business corporation structure very flexible. Additionally an international business company can be incorporated using nominee shareholders and directors.

International business corporations are tax exempt companies which enjoy no form of taxation in some jurisdictions whilst in others the taxes paid on annual profits are much lower than that of onshore companies. In offshore jurisdictions such as Dominica, Anguilla, Belize and the British Virgin Islands offshore companies pay no taxes on incomes made form business operations outside of the mentioned offshore jurisdictions. International business corporations are only responsible for paying a registration fee and an annual license renewal fee.

International Offshore Business Companies enjoy a high level of privacy and secrecy in the offshore jurisdictions. In many offshore jurisdictions legislation makes it a criminal offense for persons to give out information concerning international business companies to third parties. Information about offshore companies can only be given out in cases where a court order has been handed out and this is mostly done in incidents where the offshore company is being investigated for criminal activities such as bank fraud, terrorism, drug trafficking among others. The names of the company shareholders, directors and other persons involved is kept private and made part of public records in the offshore jurisdictions.

International business companies can be incorporated for the use of obtaining real estate property, to be used as a business company or simply for holding assets a most offshore jurisdictions offer asset protection. This means that all assets placed in an offshore international business corporation are protected by legislation which will prevent third parties from acquiring the assets of an offshore company. offshore company legislation does not recognize the rulings of foreign courts against the assets of offshore companies.

International business corporations are god companies to own and can be registered with ease.