International Business Companies

International Business Company Formation

International Business Company Formation can be done in many offshore tax havens around the world. The incorporation of an international business company can take anytime between one (1) working day and two working weeks based on the jurisdiction chosen for incorporation of the offshore company. For offshore incorporation in many offshore jurisdictions a registered agent is needed. The registered agent is a persons or office who has been granted a license by the government or minister responsible for offshore companies and services. The role of the registered agent is to act as a liaison between the person wanting to form the international business company and the Registrar of Companies in the offshore tax haven. The registered agent files all the documents necessary for international business company formation and even after the company has been registered is responsible for notifying the Registrar of Companies of any significant changes made to the offshore company, for example if the offshore company changes directors then the Registrar of Companies must be notifies and the changed noted at the companies’ registry.

For international business company formation the registered agent must prepare the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association to be submitted for registration. The names of the documents may vary in the different offshore jurisdictions but the information remains basically the same. The information in the Memorandum of Association is as follows:

• the name of the international business company

• the number of shareholders to be issued

• the names and addresses of the shareholders

• the names and addresses of the company director

• the purpose for forming the offshore company

• the startup capital of the company

• the types of shares to be issued

• the name and address of the registered agent

• the by- laws of the offshore company

When prepared these documents are filed with the Registrar of Companies in the offshore jurisdiction who will issue a Certificate of Incorporation to the offshore company. For international business company formation a registration fee must be paid by the offshore company.

International business companies have very flexible structures, in fact just one shareholder and one director is needed for the formation of an offshore company. The shareholder and the director of the company can be the same individual. Some offshore tax havens allows for the use of corporations as company directors and shareholders’ other don’t. International Business company formation can be completed with the use of nominee shareholders and directors in the jurisdictions which allow nominee company members. The nominee shareholders and directors are appointed by the registered agent. Other services which are provided by registered agents includes the sale of offshore Shelf Companies which are international business companies which are already formed and registered and have never been used for any type of business transaction.

International business company formation is not time consuming and is not very expensive. The price of offshore company formation varies in the offshore jurisdictions and the time for formation also varies. Offshore companies make good business compan